DJ's needed in the City of Charity

The City of Charity has two music venues for it's homeowners, employees, and visitors. We currently have a Top 40 club venue and a Country music venue. The Governor of the city is looking for DJ's to spin tunes during the high traffic points of the day in our city. We are also looking for men and women to do voice overs for our radio station commercials. 

Pay will include
Tips during your mix session
$10 or 1000L for voice overs
1000L for two hours of DJ services
Gift card from the business that is advertising during your spin session.

If interested please contact Koi (caitrionanikola resident) with your Second Life resume. The Governor and Ms. Koi will be reviewing them and setting up interviews. 

The city of Charity is a growing modern G&S role-play community, residential, and business location in Second Life. Our goal is to create the largest city in second life that will include a large shopping mall, clubs, live entertainment, cultural events, educational events and more.

We hope to add more music venues to the city as the population grows. The governor loves all types of music and would like the opportunity to share with the cities community and guests.

Think Austin City Limits Second Life Style