Second Life Jobs: Charity Police

The Governor of the City of Charity is looking for several Police Officers in Second Life. As an Officer you will be responsible for the safety of the citizens and businesses of the City of Charity

Income will be based on population and growth of population. You will earn an income based off of all profits to the city before the city taxes are paid. So exceptional personal skills are very important. If the home owners and business owners are happy then paychecks are increased.

If interested please contact Koi (caitrionanikola resident) with your Second Life resume. The Governor and Ms. Koi will be reviewing them and setting up interviews. 

The city of Charity is a growing modern G&S role-play community, residential, and business location in Second Life. Our goal is to create the largest city in second life that will include a large shopping mall, clubs, live entertainment, cultural events, educational events and more.